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Who Is Spicy Joe?

Welcome to Spicy Joe's Habaneros website!
Several months ago I started "Spicy Joe's Habaneros" with an idea to make flavored styled hot sauces using locally grown, organic habanero peppers.  I feel habaneros have one of the best flavors of all the hot peppers out there.  I set out to create a sauce that wouldn't overpower your food,  but would leave a nice residual heat.  Through a lot of trial and error,  I finally landed on what I feel is a nice balance of heat and flavor. 
My sauces come in three different flavors,  pineapple,  mango and peach.  They pair well with most proteins, especially eggs, fish and chicken as well as any Mexican dish you're serving!
For those of you who desire the extra heat, Keep an eye out for limited edition flavors, such as Carolina Reaper and Apocalypse Scorpions, to name a couple.

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21 Fraternity Lane, Stony Brook NY 11790


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